Invisibly good Windows software

Warning: This post is over a year old. The information may be out of date.

A couple of bits of software I have on my systems that once installed, I kinda forget they’re there, but they’re very useful



I loved the screenshot capabilities of macOS. Capturing regions and windows and having them save to the desktop was great.

With Windows, there’s the snipping tool, but it’s so many clicks to open the tool, select the rectangular capture tool, drag area, then choose where to save it and name it.

I missed having a key combination I could press and have the screenshot save to desktop on Windows.

The newer Snip & Sketch seemed promising, but (as of writing this at least) it doesn’t save to file, only to the clipboard.

Greenshot gives you the ability to customise the shortcut key(s) you use, as well as what it should do when it’s captured what you want, you can choose each time, or set it to do specific things. I have mine set to just save to the desktop with a timestamp file name, much like macOS.



The default Windows clock in the taskbar is… not useful. I want date information (without having to make the taskbar taller) - and to have the time in whatever format I want.

With this, I can click it and get my calendar to open:

I can also format the clock text in whatever way I want. I like the format with a short day of the week, day of the month, month, and 24h clock. Thu 26 Dec 12:14 for example.