Scavenger hunt?

Warning: This post is over a year old. The information may be out of date.

Well well well, what do we have here?

I work on a CTF platform. It’s called and it’s fun.

There’s 2 version of the answer to the question “so what does it do?”

  1. Tired: “It’s a question and answer platform”
  2. Wired: “It’s a platform that allows hackers to compete against each other to see who’s best”

Now, I’m just a software developer. I’m not an infosec person. But, I do like CTFs. I’ve participated in a few beginner level ones, and done okay. Won one at the end of a week long SANS course, came top 5 in another, and some more that had so many people I didn’t stand a chance of being at the top.

I’ve decided to hide some flags around this website. Some are available without external tools, others might need some tools to find them.

Scavenger hunt? CTF?

I’m calling it a scavenger hunt because you do not have to break into anything for this. No reverse engineering binaries. No breaking into exposed web services. No SQL injection. This is a static website.

Just look around, find the things.


Some might be on this page. Others might be elsewhere.

I will say that there are 7 things to find. Put them together and do what it says and the first 5 people that do that win a small prize (as long as you’re okay with me having your address to send the prize to). Why 7? Because there’s 7 days in the week? 7 is a prime number? Or that’s just what I decided? Who knows.

There’s often more than meets the eye, and something that contains one flag, might contain two, who knows! ;)

The thing it says to do contains a UUID, so you can’t fake it as I know what one is right!




If you tried this and didn’t get flags from the image above, try again as I goofed…