Talks, travelling and time on trains

Warning: This post is over a year old. The information may be out of date.

People often comment on how it must be so great to be able to travel to speak, educate others and have the time and support to do so. It is. I love it. But it’s more than they think it is.


Travelling and giving talks must be great, all that time off work and relaxing!


1:30pm: Leave work

2:00pm: Get train and eat random WHSmiths sandwich

5:00pm: Arrive at city where I’m speaking

5:30pm: Check into hotel, freshen up

6:00pm: Leave hotel, head to venue

6:30pm: Get to venue, setup & check things work

7:00pm to 10:30pm: Talk / event, socialising, answering questions, maybe eat a slice of pizza

11:00pm: Back at the hotel

11:30pm: Check things I’ve missed (emails, twitter etc), ensure slides and code are updated and online for attendees

12:00am: Go to bed after realising you haven’t really eaten properly today and the only time you’ve had to yourself was on a train surrounded by strangers

7:00am: Awake

9:00am: Catch train

12:00pm: Back into Leicester

12:30pm: Grab quick lunch

1:00pm: Back in the office for work in the afternoon

Yeah, relaxing.

I love it. I don’t want this post to sound negative. It’s not meant to be. I love being able to do this.

But it’s not time off work.