D&D Backstory: Varas

Posted on Saturday April 22, 2023 • Read time 5 minutes

I’m going to be playing a new character in a D&D campaign I’m in with some friends, I wrote the backstory to send to our Dungeon Master so I figured I’d post it here too as I’m pleased with it!

Connected Home Devices

Posted on Wednesday September 28, 2022 • Read time 5 minutes

The Internet-of-Things sucks. But I like having data and control over parts of the house. So here’s the devices I use for that as I’m often asked what ones I use.

Energy Monitoring: 2022 Edition

Posted on Tuesday September 6, 2022 • Read time 20 minutes

I started monitoring my energy usage last year out of curiosity, but with how prices have risen this year, it feels less like a “this would be fun to know” situation and more of a “where are we using energy that we shouldn’t be” situation now.

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