Bullet Journalling: 2020 Edition

Posted on Tuesday January 7, 2020

I've been using a Bullet Journal for a few years now, what started off as something to try turned into something I rely on day to day. I thought I'd post an update on how I now use it.

Mini Story the Care and Handling of Dragons

Posted on Monday July 8, 2019

As part of the DDD East Midlands speakers workshop we were asked to write a 3 minute talk on any subject of our choosing and we had to deliver it without slides. We had 30 minutes to prepare and so I chose to talk about Mr Edwin Hubble, my crested gecko!

PHP (7.2), Xdebug and Docker (Compose)

Posted on Thursday February 14, 2019

For our project at work, we needed to set up Xdebug in Docker. Not only this, but we had different developers using different machines and operating systems, the IP of the host would need to be flexible for it to work for us all. Here's how we did it.

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