Anonymous classes in PHP 7 are fantastic for tests

Posted on Friday March 3, 2017

I recently found myself writing some integration tests (or whatever you'd like to call them, people will argue about terminology for hours) for an app. Anonymous classes made testing the real implementation of my interface really easy, here's how.

Behat, Mink and Docker

Posted on Sunday July 10, 2016

I've been porting across one of the live demos I do (that's a Symfony project to demonstrate BDD & Behat stuff) from the built-in PHP web-server and a locally-hosted MySQL Database to a Docker configuration. I had some struggles with getting my Web UI Behat suite to work correctly inside the PHP container, here's what should be done.

Less than 24 hours until Hack24!

Posted on Friday May 1, 2015

With less than 24 hours until Hack24, I've been grabbing the stuff I need (well, probably don't need...) so I have everything sorted and can leave early in the morning.

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