Hi, I'm Brunty

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I build, I learn, I teach

I'm a software developer working remotely in the Midlands, UK.

Latest posts

Automatically backing up photos from iOS using PhotoSync and PhotoPrism

Posted on Saturday July 17, 2021 • Read time 3 minutes

Previously my phone-photo-backup process involved connecting it to a computer, then manually copying photos to a folder on my NAS. This was inefficient, and I'd often forget to do it for months at a time. I wanted something that'd backup my photos automatically, and do so to my own hardware. I found PhotoSync to be an awesome app and setup PhotoPrism as a backup target for it to use.

April & May 2021 - a whirlwind few weeks

Posted on Wednesday June 2, 2021

The past few weeks have been quite a ride. I've not had so many good things happen in such a short space of time before!

With everything going on, I just felt the need to write this post as a journal of how things were, how things felt and to remind myself that things are going just about as well as they can be for me and my bubble right now. I'm grateful.

It's never simple

Posted on Thursday May 27, 2021 • Read time 2 minutes

I've worked with code for a long time now, I've come to realise that every 'simple' request is only simple on the surface. As any system grows, so does the number of considerations that have to be made when implementing a new feature or change to existing functionality.

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