Hi, I'm Brunty

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I build, I learn, I teach

I'm a software developer working remotely in the Midlands, UK.

Latest posts

Home Assistant Part 1: Setup and Initial Configuration

Posted on Friday May 29, 2020 • Read time 25 minutes

I've had various 'smart' devices in the house for a while, but they're all separate systems that don't talk to each other. I looked into systems to get everything talking to each other and Home Assistant is the one I chose to go with!

This series of blog posts about Home Assistant will document and detail the setup I'm using, as well as linking to the devices, parts and equipment I'm using to make what I'm doing possible.

February 2020 - #FullMonzo

Posted on Wednesday February 26, 2020 • Read time 10 minutes

It's been one month since I went #FullMonzo, I'm thinking of periodically writing posts on my findings both in my own spending habits, but also in how I'm using Monzo to better manage my money.

Conditional Routing in Symfony using ENV Vars

Posted on Sunday February 23, 2020 • Read time 5 minutes

I recently wanted to be able to control whether a route was available based on an environment variable, in dev I wanted it available, but in production I wanted it turned off (for now). I like using feature flags and environment variables to toggle things on and off, and thought I'd write up how I did it here.

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