Hi, I'm Brunty

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I build, I learn, I teach

I'm a software developer working remotely in the Midlands, UK.

Latest posts

Understanding MQTT: My Notes

Posted on Saturday August 28, 2021 • Read time 10 minutes

I've recently dived into MQTT. I got it working without really understanding some core concepts (yay easy-to-use UIs) but felt myself wanting to know more about what it was. I did some reading up on the various parts and decided to document them here for my own reference later on. Maybe it'll be useful to others too, who knows!

Display A Message On Old Hugo Posts

Posted on Wednesday August 25, 2021 • Read time 2 minutes

Time moves on. Posts do not. Sometimes (read: most of the time) an old post doesn't get updated. The information in that post might be outdated and incorrect. But people don't always consider the age of the post, just jump to the content.

Taking inspiration from Twitter, I've added a message to be displayed on blog posts older than 365 days on here.

Automatically backing up photos from iOS using PhotoSync and PhotoPrism

Posted on Saturday July 17, 2021 • Read time 3 minutes

Previously my phone-photo-backup process involved connecting it to a computer, then manually copying photos to a folder on my NAS. This was inefficient, and I'd often forget to do it for months at a time. I wanted something that'd backup my photos automatically, and do so to my own hardware. I found PhotoSync to be an awesome app and setup PhotoPrism as a backup target for it to use.

April & May 2021 - a whirlwind few weeks

Posted on Wednesday June 2, 2021

The past few weeks have been quite a ride. I've not had so many good things happen in such a short space of time before!

With everything going on, I just felt the need to write this post as a journal of how things were, how things felt and to remind myself that things are going just about as well as they can be for me and my bubble right now. I'm grateful.

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