Inspired by Jamie Tanna, the purpose of this page is to share what I’m focused on and into at the minute, the content of this page will change and evolve over time, some things may stay, some things may go!

Current interests (both personal and work):

  • Dungeons & Dragons 🏰🐉🧙🏻‍♂️
  • Watches ⌚
  • PC, console and tabletop gaming ⌨🖱🎮
  • Tinkering with Home Assistant
  • Tinkering with homelab stuff with various things running in Portainer
  • Custom mechanical keyboards (using a GMMK Pro, lubed Gateron Reds and Milky Yellows, and lubed Durock stabilisers right now)
  • Physical distancing! Stay safe everyone!

What am I up to right now?

Living and loving life with my wife Emma,

We have a cockapoo called Bramley 🐶

I’m working for Bumble, in the User Integrity and Account Safety space.

I’m occasionally speaking at conferences, though that slowed down a fair bit since the ol’ pandemmy, you can find info of talks on my talks page.

What am I watching / reading / listening to / playing right now?

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