Less than 24 hours until Hack24!

Warning: This post is over a year old. The information may be out of date.

With less than 24 hours until Hack24, I’ve been grabbing the stuff I need (well, probably don’t need…) so I have everything sorted and can leave early in the morning.

Some of the items I’m taking with me for the weekend are below, knolling is fun!

Knolling is fun

Most of it is cables, chargers, battery packs etc. A sad reflection on the current state of battery tech I feel.

But, equipment and tech aside, the team with some @PHPEM guys that I’m in have decided on our project, we’ve started a trello board for planning and getting ideas down. We’ve got an idea of how we’re going to approach the challenge we’re taking on.

It’s going to be fun, we each have our strengths in various areas of development and we’re going to play to them to ensure we have the best chance at making something awesome!