PHP (7.2), Xdebug and Docker (Compose)

Posted on Thursday February 14, 2019

For our project at work, we needed to set up Xdebug in Docker. Not only this, but we had different developers using different machines and operating systems, the IP of the host would need to be flexible for it to work for us all. Here's how we did it.

Contract Testing

Posted on Monday January 14, 2019

Getting things set up and rolling at my new job, the test setup and how to do some things was something I was especially interested in. Due to past experience with testing, I was asked to put thoughts, ideas and techniques together to help us kick things off 'right'.

I brought up the subject of contract testing and figured I'd write up my thoughts and notes on it.

Using SQLite with Kahlan in PHP

Posted on Saturday July 15, 2017

I've been using Kahlan for testing a bit recently, I really like the describe-it style. I had a project where I needed to write an SQLite implementation of a repository and I wanted to use Kahlan to test the implementation, here's how I did it.

Transformers in Behat

Posted on Monday May 8, 2017

Transformers can provide a lot of helpful utility in Behat, reducing the work required to get what you need within your step definitions.

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