My journey into home automation with Home Assistant

My journey into home automation started like many others, with some smart light bulbs. It’s now evolved into a myriad of connected devices, sensors and platforms to allow me to monitor and automate things in my home.

What if I could have all of these connected devices in a single place, rather than having to check different apps to see what’s going on around the house?

From letting me know that the washing machine or dishwasher have finished running, through to alerting me if motion is detected while away from home - I’ve used Home Assistant as the heart of my setup.

In this talk we’ll look at the journey I took, from the start to where I am now, how I’ve tackled control and automation tasks. I’ll show some of the setups I have from the simple and useful, through to the more complex, fun and utterly unnecessary.

This talk has been given at:

Digital Lincoln - July 2020